Over the past two and a half years, business profits have increased by over 40%. In that time, workers wages have only increased 2.8%.

It’s a sign of a system in crisis. The big end of town continues to get richer, while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet. Australia needs a payrise, and working people need their fair share.

Scott Morrison stood by and did nothing while low-paid workers had their penalty rates cut. He stayed silent even when it emerged that these penalty rate cuts did nothing to create jobs and, predictably, just made big business richer.

For those in work, wage theft, casualisation, sham contracting, job insecurity and exploitation have become commonplace.

Those locked out of work face a tougher environment. For every job that is advertised, there are more than eight people looking for work. Meanwhile, the Government forces those who can’t find jobs into increasingly harsh schemes like the PaTH internship program.

Scott Morrison, like Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull before him, are aware of the crisis, but they aren’t interested in solutions. In fact, the status quo is working for them and their big business mates.

The only solution is for working people to stand together and say we’ve had enough. Sign up to join our campaign to demand a fair share for working people.


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