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Work is an activity that must be carried out by everyone for the sake of their survival or to meet various kinds of life needs. Everyone does work, one of which is to meet their basic needs, because basic needs are needs that must be met and cannot be delayed. For example, basic needs such as eating, drinking, clothing, education and others. To get a variety of food needs, humans need money, and generally money is obtained from work, currently there are a lot of jobs that humans do to make money.

So what is meant by work is the main activity carried out by humans to meet their daily needs. In a narrow sense, work is an activity that can generate money. Whereas in the economic aspect of work, namely all activities carried out by humans, whether carried out individually or in an organization, either in private or openly, then from that work can produce a product or service so that it can get money and serve as a livelihood.

For that the Ourjobs.org.au site will discuss and provide various references and information about work, types of work, part-time work and also side income which can help you also add to your insight on this site we will discuss thoroughly for you hopefully can add insight into all of you.

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